Governor attempts to promote Maine lobster, neighboring governor regifts to soup kitchen

I imagine the NH governor is already pretty well acquainted with Maine lobster.

Aug 1, ’13   LePage to send lobster baskets to nation’s governors

Aug 19, ’13  LePage ships lobster products to 49 other governors

Aug 20, ’13  Gov. LePage sends gifts of lobster to expand markets

Aug 21, ’13   N.H. governor gives LePage’s lobsters to soup kitchen

from the 8/20 story in the Portland Press Herald:

The $5,000 promotion, which covered the cost of the lobster products and shipping, was funded by the governor’s contingency fund…

…The lobster industry, Maine’s largest fishery, has been suffering from record catches and weak prices.

…To combat weak prices, the state has planned a $2 million marketing effort, led by the new Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, to promote Maine lobster around the country and internationally. Maine also has been trying to expand its lobster-processing capacity so that more can be processed in-state rather than in Canada, which now handles most of the industry’s processing.



Two Maine fishermen overcome by gas from rotting fish

public domain, US govt work

Two herring fishermen in Maine had to be hospitalized today after exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas built up in the ship’s fish hold after herring was offloaded. The gas is produced by decaying organic matter – presumably the load of herring.

link to Portland Press Herald story

I would hope the load of fish was destined to be bait, rather than rollmops or kippers.

link to Wikipedia entry – Uses of Herring as food